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About U.S. Military Support Group, Inc.

The organization intends to select smaller organizations that struggle to raise funds because they are not as visible. Our focus is on organizations helping wounded warriors and those with PTSD. To select organizations, U.S. Military Support Group, Inc. will conduct its own research and organizations may contact us to apply by providing basic information that allows us to conduct our own research. As part of our research, we will conduct interviews with organization leaders.

When selecting organizations, we will look at their programs, intensity of work ethic, background, success of programs, and overall budget. Our goal is to select four different 501(c) (3) organizations each year that we will split distributions to equally. U.S. Military Support Group, Inc. will require recipients to submit their annual report as made to the IRS. Distribution to recipients will be made on an annual basis. We intend to select different organizations each year. Organizations selected previously may be eligible for reselection every three years.

Mission Statement

U.S. Military Support Group, Inc.’s mission is to provide funding and awareness for selected military veterans assistance organizations, which are supported each year. These organizations usually have limited budgets, but provide much needed services for veterans returning from battle.


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U.S. Military Support Group, Inc.

6278 N. Federal Hwy. Ste. 302

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Phone: (772) 429-8816